We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously. Just Our Work.

Looks can be deceiving. We might not come across as seasoned and innovative entrepreneurs at first with our easy-going, laid-back attitudes. And when it comes to work attire we not only believe in casual Friday, but also a casual workweek. Heck, we even have run-of-the mill names: Kevin and Brian. So we know on the surface this may not sound terribly exciting, but this isn’t our first rodeo. Make no mistake about it: you’ve stumbled upon two energized guys who have decided to take their collective destinies in their own skilled hands.

With long track records of business and design success separately and collaboratively, we knew it was the perfect time to form the perfect alliance. Taking the leap to be your own boss can be scary; sometimes it seems like you have to get a running start to jump over an expansive chasm. But when you’re hyper-focused and humbly confident about what you’re going to do, and you’ve operated a few businesses in the past, then that chasm looks more like a crack in the sidewalk. It does to us, anyway. Because we’re fired up. We now have the opportunity to pursue what we’re passionate about. That’s why we formed Appsy.

Of course, you‚’d probably rather know what Appsy is going to do for you. Well, we’ll spare you the form and function spiel since we think you can already tell you’re in good hands. But a unique suite of mobile, web-based and desktop apps is on the horizon. We know what users expect from their apps: an intuitive experience, reliable performance and software updates that make sense. You‚’ll find no works-in-progress here. Just polished, finished apps ready to hit the ground sprinting.

Hopefully now you’re as fired up as we are. We certainly hope so. Sure, we may not take ourselves too seriously. But when it comes to our work, well, that’s a completely different story.


Apps, fully loaded.

Appsy is proud to present the first offerings in our forthcoming line-up of mobile, web-based and desktop apps. You’ll find no works-in-progress here, only refined apps that are fully functional from the get-go. From the first day of brainstorming to an app’s official release date, our number one priority is offering a superior user experience. So happy app hunting. We’re confident that below you’ll find one or two to suit your needs.


We Received a Platinum 2013 MarCom Award


We are extremely proud and honored to learn that we have won a Platinum 2013 MarCom Award for our Craftie™ Beer App marketing video. With a talented team working with us to help plan, craft, and produce the video, we couldn’t be happier with the end result and greatly thank them for making this possible. It is a true honor to have our work judged by respected industry professionals and have it recognized by this award. >>>

Included in HOW Magazine Nov 2013 Article


We were absolutely elated to learn that our Craftie™ Beer App project would be highlighted in the November issue of HOW Magazine. The author, Jason Tselentis, wrote a great article entitled “Taking Side Projects to the Next Level” and covered many wonderful projects by professional designers that grew into more than just self-initiated pet projects. We were honored to be included and have Craftie™ Beer App among the list of other great work being completed by talented folks from around the nation. >>>

Our Pint Glass Runneth Over With Gratitude


Wow. Seriously, that’s the best word to describe how we felt when folks registered so quickly to come out and lend their support to our project. Wow. You can only imagine how pumped we were to (finally!) announce our Craftie™ project after months of >>>


It’s great to receive a lending hand from people you respect.

The efforts, partnerships and kind gestures on behalf of these fine folks and talented companies below, enabled Appsy to form, and roll out our first available apps, extremely fast. Thanks for the continued support. It is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. These folks and companies listed below are extremely talented at what they do, are outstanding representatives of their communities, and we highly recommend checking out their talents for yourself.



The great thing about technology is it speeds up conversations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Appsy, or our family of available apps, drop us a line. If you would like to receive any information or udpates about our available apps, just let us know. What once would have taken folks weeks to write letters and mail them back and forth, fortunately now only takes a small fraction of that time. We might not be able to respond to you immediately, but you will definitely hear from us as quickly as possible. We’ll talk to you soon.

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